Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho, Inc.

VHS/DVD Library

The VHS/DVDs are unavailable. Please check back later.


The main goal of this "Library" is to share proven and new techniques for handing furs; however, you must be a USRT Member in good standing to order from this library.

If you as a trapper have any VHS or DVDs you would be willing to donate to our new library, please feel free to contact Kim Smith at 208-206-1570 in the evenings and make arrangements to send your VHS or DVD to her.

Terms and Conditions of the "Honor System Loan"
from our VHS/DVD Library

The following listed VHS/DVDs listed on this page will be loaned out to anyone that is a member in good standing in the USRT Association on an "Honor System Loan." By that we mean we will ship you one (1) VHS or DVD of your choice except, you must pay the shipping to your location and also the cost to ship the VHS or DVD back to the Snake River Trappers of Idaho. The time limit for keeping the VHS or DVD is three (3) weeks. If the VHS or DVD is not returned by the end of the fourth week (which allows for shipping time), then the Upper Snake River Trappers will bill you for the entire cost of the VHS or DVD you had ordered. If the VHS or DVD is never returned, your name will be put on a list at which time you will not be able to order any VHS or DVD in the future. If you accept theses terms and conditions, please mark the box on the order form, sign and date your order form and either print the form and mail it to the 1st address on the form or you can fax the order form to the 2nd address on the form.