Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho, Inc.



Elton Stickler was very young when he started his love of trapping. When he was around six years old his trapping career got started. Every year he would receive a trap for Christmas. He started at first trapping weasels, which he got pretty good at and would sell them athe the end of the season for .25 cents to.30 cents each. By the time he was 8 years old he had graduated to trapping fox and mink. He remembers selling one mink and buying a dozen traps. He and his brother would sometimes walk 15 miles to set beaver traps.
In 1970 Elton became a member fo the Minnesota Trappers Association and during the trapping season hhe caught 300 beaver. While trapping beaver he also worked for a local mink rancher and recalls skinning some 600 mink in a 20 day period as a dare.
Elton has always joined and supported every trapping association where ever he has lived. From 1972 through 1984. Elton decided to try and made a living from trapping alone. He did real well with this endeavor. Then Elton and his family moved out west to Carson City Nevada where they lived for seven years and then ended up in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area in 1992. He joined the Upper Snake River Trappers Association and has been a active member and a major supporter ever since. The USRTI Association feels that Elton has contributed greatly to the trapping world with his great knowledge and his love of the wild animals, nature and just beinhg outdoors in Gods Country.

Elton will be our FIRST” person in our association to be put into our Hall of Fame. He sure does deserve the honor.